Embody Brilliance. Magnetize Clients. Cultivate Riches.

Websites & Graphic Design. Brand Mentoring. Book Covers. Logos. Personal Brand Photos.

Lucinda Rae is a prosperity brand mentor and visibility coach who has created more than 200 brand identities over 17 years in both corporate and spiritual entrepreneurs. Prosperity Branding is her boutique branding agency to support you in all your graphic design and website design + development needs.

You & Me. Let's Take Photos.

Portrait, Event, & Marketing Photography

Take your brand to the next level. Capture treasures of your family to last for lifetimes. Lucinda Rae has the gift of capturing the essence of an individual that will be carried through in the language of photography. A well-crafted photograph of an intimate moment between you and the viewer can reach right off the page and say what you couldn't ever say with your text.

Bringing the Power of the Light into Your Home

Devotional Art by Lucinda Rae

Immerse yourself in the power of spiritual art & beauty to inspire higher consciousness through the means of visual communication and Divine Feminine expression, to support and express the wild expansiveness of inner essence and tap into fulfillment beyond words to inspire your heart to open to the Light Divine within.