An Afternoon Painting Retreat to Awaken and Express your Divine Self

From the Soul Art® series broadcasted live online from Sky Rose Studio in Santa Barbara

May 17, 2020 1-4 pm PT / 4-7 pm ET |  $110 (supplies not included in class tuition) 

“God’s power is not something outside. It is within us. We need to awaken that power.” – Amma

Who is the Anointed Woman?

She is the divinity that resides within you. The light of the feminine in traditions since the beginning of time. The Divine feminine that we embody as human. Her expression is a mystical, magical, powerful, part of Creation and Earth, a bountiful expression of all we see and know.  

You are here to express that creative spark of life that rides on the wings of your heart.

Now there is a way to tap in to this through the delight of painting through inquiry and soul process…

We will explore this creating intentions using the Soul Art process and painting with acrylics, mixed media including the blending of pure essential oil to anoint our canvas. 

These spirit-rich, fun painting classes are created with you in mind.

In these painting classes, we will explore the profound connection between our creativity and our spirituality, using the power of the Soul Art® process to get more in touch with our bodies, hearts, minds, and souls; the union that connects our essential nature with our spiritual core.

This class is intended to support your innate creative spirit, as a tool for intuition and self awareness, and your connection to the Divine and new aliveness and life currency within and around you as you heal your soul and tap into newfound potential.

Like all sacred practices, this approach to painting leads you on a voyage into your inner lands and galaxies of inspiration and holy imagination.

Whether you consider yourself one or not, you’re already an artist, and your life is a work of art in progress.

Now you just need a brush, some paint, and a creative guide to lead you through the process.

“Lucinda is an alchemical artist who works intuitively to bring out your true essence. Lucinda, thank you from the bottom of my heart!” 

— L. Johnson, New Mexico, USA

About your Guide

Lucinda is the founder and artist of Light Divine™, One Million Angels™, and the Anointed Woman Series, devoted to bringing a Touch of Heaven to your home.

She is a Soul Art® Guide for spiritual awakening, creative expression, healing, and expanded magic for increased life magnetism and meaning.

With a degree in graphic design, Lucinda has also been a creative entrepreneur running a boutique brand agency for the past 17 years as well as a personal brand and portrait photography business. 

Lucinda believes every person’s journey is to be fully expressed as the Light that we are and share that in the realms of beauty, soul and passion in this precious life.

Lucinda teaches women how to listen to embrace their inner wisdom, listen to their own hearts – and connect with their inner mature woman selves – through understanding archetypes and the Soul Art® process of visioning and prayer, painting and creating.

“You bring life-giving art to life.” — L. Stocker, Montreal, Quebec


“I’m blown away.” — C. Slimp, Arizona, USA


“Truly life-changing.” — M. Richter, Toronto, Ontario

How It Works

Dive in to join. 

Enroll in advance. About each month, we have a new theme and new painting to create.

We will meet in-person.

We will paint together my private studio classroom. You will receive directions upon registration. All supplies and guidance will be made available to you upon arrival. 


About the Archetypes of the Divine Feminine 


For years, Lucinda has studied and explored various archetypes and their meanings through branding and also in her personal life. Each archetype says something unique about human nature as we endeavor live our core values. Each one has a positive and a negative side. We are focusing on the positive in this archetypal journey through this painting process. In this painting class, we are going to visually show what the archetype represents in a familiar way, through feminine portraiture and painting this feminine aspect into being. 

Unveiling through paint each archetype as a portrait is a discovery of personifying the significance of each expression in a visually appealing and intimate way to expand our intuitive understanding and facets of the ways we relate in the world. 

It is highly recommended in the entire journey of all archetypes for a holistic balancing of our attributes. This is different than choosing one or two archetypes for our brand, there is a combination of archetypes to create and draw upon life benevolence in balance and human meaning and importance.


"What if can’t paint anything more than a stick figure? Do I have to have experience? "

You’re absolutely good if you only feel you can paint a stick figure or don’t have skills! You do not need ANY art experience at all to participate and benefit from these classes, and you don’t even have to identify yourself as creative type or as an artist. You just need to be willing to ready some paint brushes and pour a cup of tea and prepare to meet your inner Anointed Woman self… She is here to be a catalyst for that next level to uncover and is already calling your name, you just need to listen. This is about expression and tapping into the sacred feminine voice within, and giving it color and life on a canvas. This class will have a wide range of experience on different walks of life and is not about skill or technical aspects of painting, but you might pick up a thing or two about using your brush. Often times the beginners mind has an open mind and whole set of fresh benefits accompanied with them.

"What results can I expect?"

I love this question because it reveals you are ready to discover transformation. Besides the fact that you will have your own painting by the end of our class, we will establish a clear intention for your painting journey. Along with this, you will clarify your desired results, as well as checking in and putting your journey into tangible, practical action in your life beyond the class. Results are different for each person, but some examples of doing Soul Art are as follows:

• Crystal clear vision for next life steps

• Overall increase in lifeforce, and sense of inner and outer beauty

• Increase in income

• Clearing of stubborn obstacles

• Unleashing your creativity

• Creative practice to deepen intuition and inner wisdom

"What materials do I need?"

For in person classes, I will provide all materials. Just relax and show up to enjoy and afternoon of painting creativity. 

I will provide handouts for introspective steps, and an assortment of brushes, a canvas, paints, glitter (and other mediums as desired), the essential oil we will work with. Just come with an open mind and a little enthusiasm to get creative and be guided by your inner wisdom.

"How can I prepare for this class?"
You will receive an email with instructions in advance to meeting together with worksheets and next steps.
"What if I am an experienced artist?"
That’s awesome, too! You will learn new exciting ways of diving into your art and expressing yourself in new ways to empower and guide your life.

More of what you can expect when working with Lucinda

“Before doing Soul Art with Lucinda, I had tried many different approaches of art to reach my 7-year-old daughter who had suddenly developed behavioural issues at school. Meeting with Lucinda and going through the process was the BEST thing I could have done with (and for) my daughter. My daughter revealed parts of her soul that were deep and insightful, and gave me clues to the things that were bothering her. In addition, doing the process for myself gave me HUGE insight and clarity into my OWN business and life direction! I couldn’t have expected to get as much as we got out of this! Truly life-changing.” — M. Richter, Toronto, Ontario

“Lucinda is a true visionary.  Within our first conversation it was clear that she was the person to support me in drawing out and expressing the parts of myself I most longed to see…  I think within each of us are aspects we long to see, but for many different reasons, they appear veiled.  Lucinda is a person who lifts that veil revealing the jewel within… From the deepest place in my heart…Thank you, Lucinda!”  — L. Andrus, Green Bay, Wisconsin

“Lucinda’s {archetypes} process helped me to connect with the expanded version of myself and gain clarity on the next phase of my mission. The process helped me to reconnect with parts of me I had disconnected from.” — H. MacMillan, CEO of Awaken Studio

She is an aspect the divinity that resides within you.

Eve. The Shekinah. Mary. The Matriarchs.

The Light of the benevolent feminine since the beginning of time.

Join me in creatively unveiling your inner Anointed Woman.