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The Anointed Woman

Who is the Anointed Woman?

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She is the expression of the Divine embodied as woman.
The woman who creates her life as the highest potential for her unfurling.
She is multifaceted as the expressions of creation Herself.
She is defined by her actions to bring light to her dreams.
As she receives she gives.

She is the very currency of life.
The brilliancy that is nurturing and expansive, spiraling as the momentum of creation.
She can sit in the center of chaos to twist the storm into a nourishing ecosystem.
She enlivens the alchemy in the intentions that reside beyond the celestial spheres.
Her feminine grace undulates like a river. And she ebbs and flows in each wave that merges with the great sea.
She is the moon cycles, she is the stars.

She knows the order within the turmoil and the perfection in the plan.
She is unharnessed and wild like the meadow-bound mare as much as she is the stillness before the dew drops at the morning break.
She enchants in the beauty that surrounds her while she can simultaneously offer the blossom of compassion.
And she flowers fully to share with you the smile.
She rises to the challenge. She meets the day with a knowing and a grin as walks forth leading with her hips to conquer the day in love.
She knows no box of limitation but instead lives in the rhythm of the present.
She knows when to express herself and when to refrain.

She allows herself to be seen and to be heard.
She knows when to whisper and when to tell it from the mountains.
She softens the ego to be guided by the song of her heart.
She gives with certainty while her wellspring is full and overflowing.
She sits in prayer and she waits for the aligned answers and accesses the wisdom of the angelic realm.

She leads not as a man, but the feminine grace with her own solidity within as the mystical marriage of balance and harmony.

She embraces each one in the robes of her kindness, beauty, and graciousness.
Love is the song of her soul as she spins gold into light.

Divine is Her presence, be it in her heartache or her dance.
Her strength guides her and those around her through the days.
She blesses Herself and others.

She is the Anointed Woman. 


© Lucinda Rae, words and art 

Love Yourself

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What if you wouldn’t be so judgmental or critical of yourself anymore?

What if you wouldn’t need others or their opinions to feel liked?

What if instead you could respond more compassionately to your mistakes?

We are often great at validating others, being forgiving to people’s silliness, and offering compassion.

But do we expand that kindness for ourselves?

Yeah… no.

Not a lot or often as we could choose to do.

We often go unaware as we treat ourselves in ways we wouldn’t even treat people we weren’t so fond of.

We say unfavorable things to ourselves and often they are programs that run in our unconscious minds. We criticize, judge, we nag, we worry, we complain.

We may have various reasons for this. Some different, and some the same. Often from the root of fearing we are not accepted on some level or won’t fit in with others. We are afraid we won’t be accepted and people won’t like us if they knew who we really are in all of our flying colors.

WOW, none of that helps anything, does it? That all doesn’t help us to feel loved or liked.

The Lover Archetype within you can pull you into greater self-love.

When we ask the Inner Lover to step forth with more awareness, we treat ourselves with love, kindness, respect, and compassion, we start to view the world with new lenses. We take accountability for our actions and begin to view the world with more understanding.

We are here to make mistakes, but love ourselves all along the way. What we really want is to shine as the amazing beings we really are. It’s your time to share all of your gifts and talents with the world.

So beckon your Inner Lover forth.

Buy yourself some roses.

Smile in the mirror and know your spirit as eternal.

Eat a taste of chocolate and savor a blackberry melting in your mouth.

Quiet your busy beautiful mind and take a hiatus from the computer that is always on by dancing slowly to the eternal rhythm of your inner heart beat, from life-to-life.

And I invite you to go deeper and take an evening retreat making yourself art and sign up for the Painting the Inner Lover online painting class, Friday, February 10. (Details on invitation page here: https://lucinda-rae.com/anointed  List of materials and worksheets will follow registration.)

Hope to see you in class!


Why is this the year of the ARTIST?

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Being creative isn’t about your skill level or lack of. It’s not even about creative, or not creative. We are ALL CREATIVE. We come into this creation from our Creator and are here to create.

To say you are not creative is an illusion and untruth. If you believe that, you have a story that needs to be released. Others put that story upon us, or we start comparing ourselves with others and the story of self-comparison starts diminishing our perceived creative light.

When I work with young children with creativity, they don’t judge themselves whether they are creative or not. They simply put their fingers in paint on watch magic unfold on the surface. It is only the separation of ego that builds layers upon layers onto itself, veiling ourselves from our innate creativity that is always there.


The child knows that creativity is a natural state of being. The pure self expresses it. My prayer is that more of us return to this beautiful state where we are enlivened and immersed in the experience of this glorious creation.

It’s time we are lit up again from the experience of being human while we are connecting with Divinity within and perceive the many ways to experience all Being, including creative expression.

It’s time to unlearn the stories that we aren’t creative. We must consciously create the space and time to make a new story and release the old dominant one.

What is yours? That you don’t have skill or talent? That you have better things to do with your time? Is it that you are the “smart” one in the family, or too “logical” or type-A for it? Or that your inner artist is just repressed right now, and someday “she” will come back out to play… someday.

Stop it.

YOU are a creator, right here and now.

I am so honored to be teaching others how to become creative, beings of all ages. Sharing the creative process is not about technical skills as much as just reminding us of our ability to embrace our expression. To drag our fingers or brushes through color and heal our inherent being through the medium of artistic creation.

Self expression opens the heart to higher states of consciousness and our connection to our Creator: Divine Consciousness.

New life begins here. Colors are brighter, spaciousness of being expands, relationships evolve, and happiness of life unfolds.

My life path of the artist is here to support you in also awakening to our creations to exhale in beauty across humanity as we rise from sleep and meet each day with rainbows of paints and brushes to bring forth our unique magic and follow the stars to our innermost precious creative spark that carries our soul from life to life and know it as home.

I’m honored to share my first online teaching experience and would LOVE for you to join me if you are feeling the call when read this invitation.

We begin January 13th, and you can learn more and register here.