Welcome, beautiful soul.

I see you. I see the nurturing compassionate being that you are at your core. 

Mothers are the creators of life. We come from the mother, and we leave in the arms of the mother that is the Divine Omnipresence.

And, many times on the path while we give so much as mothers, we learn to mother ourselves.

As mothers, we hold a many responsibilities that shapes our children, and nurtures the very world around us. We must be fed and nurtured within to care for those around us. The heart of Mother longs to provide a safe and sacred way of being for the children and the souls yet to be born. The archetype of healthy mother seeks the restoration of the family and balance in human relationships, with each other, and humanity. 

SOUL OF MOTHER is a creative immersion that begins from your body and brings your current life’s intention into your your art. Lucinda Rae will midwife you in creating this and offer internal guidance of your next level in support from the internal well-spring of the life you want to live.


In this Anointed Woman Soul Art Workshop…

We Remember

  • We remember the Source of Life
  • We remember the sacred way of living and original rhythms of creativity 
  • We remember the first wisdom by the Creator on how to be a balanced human
  • We remember the covenant made with the Creator… and the blueprint for being a life-giver
  • We remember the mothers of our lineage that walk among us and the strength, protection and beauty that they bring to you
  • We remember the pathway of life left for us by our holy matriarchs


We Renew

  • We renew by healing through aligning with our spirit guides, our mother earth, and all of creation 
  • We renew by discovering alignment and balance of the spirit, mind, emotions and body
  • We renew by accepting who we are and the lineage before us 
  • We renew as we follow spiritual path

We ReBirth

  • We rebirth by making a personal commitment to maintain the beauty of the healing we received in our creation
  • We rebirth by embracing our gifts and surrendering life to the Creator
  • We rebirth as we accept we are creators empowered by the Divine
  • We rebirth as we understand that there are no limits to our boundless potential
  • We rebirth as we walk with humility and integrity in the presence of our beloved Creator
  • We rebirth as we let go of the illusions of the past, and embrace our true identity provided by our Creator’s blossoming for life

This is for, but not exclusive to,
expecting and mothers to-be.

Mothers that have-been, mothers-at-heart, or mothers that never were-able-to be are more than welcome to step into this creative field of motherhood artistic expression. 

A few Soul Art students & experiences…

My path as a Soul Artist is to express archetypal qualities of the Divine feminine within as self expression for women to inspire and help remember the innate multitudes and facets of our soul that continues to reach for the Infinite Light.” 

~ Lucinda Rae, your creativity midwife


We are both human and of the Divine spark, as we are created in the likeness of our Creator the forms of these bodies. In this… we are anointed, as we have the birthright to be anointing to others, as we align to that which is within us.

The intentions we put into our creations are power visual reminders of this potent message.

May our art be anointment for your spirit to remember all that you are!