Hey, Angel!

How are you?


New to me? Start Here. 🙂 Welcome to my online temple, art space and website home. I am happy you found me, and I am excited about the journey we are about to begin.

But first, the world wide web can be quite overwhelming, and you might be wondering… where do I start? There’s a lot on this site and I’m here to guide you through where to begin.

If we haven’t already met, my first and middle name (since birth) is Lucinda Rae and I am known out there as an artist of many things from paint to words to oracle decks to communing with the angels to crafting websites and brands… and more.  I’m also a book publisher, author, teacher, a proud boy mom of three… and more!

 I knew I was meant to be an artist and express all the realms I could sense and feel since I was a babe. (If you want to hear more, you can read my full story on the “About” page.)

You will get to learn more about me as we work together… and the resources, tools and practices that I used to move myself from abused to anointed. No matter where you are in your life right now, you have found me in your perfect timing.

This Start Here page is the perfect place to find the most popular resources that have helped thousands of my clients transform their lives without being overwhelmed. I have put this path together to ease you into getting started. If you are a beginner, you can also move on to the more advanced teachings in my Anointed Woman Savvy Biz Program or if you’re looking to get your hands and heart into some creativity, my membership site Creative Life Circle.  

Step 1

Are you ready to step in and
begin your transformational journey?


Step 2

Listen to my podcast

Step 3

Join a community of empowering, uplifting and inspiring women who understand you and are on the journey to shine from the soul.