Create VISIBILITY to activate the beauty, confidence, and power of your brand & life.

Take the HERE I AM 5-Day Visibility Challenge with Lucinda Rae:

Listen to Lucinda’s empowerment message and visibility prayer
for sharing your message to bring your purpose to the world:

I have a feeling that in the deepest part of your soul you know MORE than you allow in the world.

You know there is more to life than hiding, playing small, not being expressed, and not being recognized for the higher purpose you came to this world for.

Even if you don’t believe it yet, I know you are here now because deep down inside you can feel that it is time to EMBODY and CELEBRATE all parts of yourself; even the parts you may feel are invisible, feeling unexpressed, unworthy or unlovable.

I’m so happy you’re here and I invite you to come on a journey with me of uncovering and rediscovering a life that is already your birthright where you feel safe to be open-heartened, in-tune to your life, and activated by your own authentically unique expression.

A creative entrepreneur, branding mentor-designer, artist,
photographer, writer, spiritual guide, and inspiring muse.
I’m dedicated to helping you become more expressed, self-fulfilled,
and knowing the light within to share prosperously with the world.