Creative Spiritual Inspiration to Illuminate
Your Business and Life 

You’ve landed on a platform of creative spiritual inspiration for not just business but your life, too. I’ve compiled my offerings to support and navigate the many layers of being seen in this world with authenticity, confidence, and grace.  It traverses beyond cultural vanity and just skin-deep beauty into a space of why our souls are here.

This is about living a life of purpose, service, and in our highest intention of making a light-filled impact for the world.

In this online home of treasures, you will find everything from my branding, website and personal brand portrait services… to my paintings and array of artful imagery… to my course on angels, workshops for mothering, inspirational products, my books, and more.

Happy you are here! Enjoy.




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My intention is that my photography is inspiration to reflect back the unique embodied essence that you are.

I have been told countless times that I see the beauty and potential in others. I SEE this from the being that is within each of us, where your highest potential longs to shine forth as reality.

I’ve been fascinated with people as my muse and subject since I was a child. After growing up with my folks’ darkroom in the bathroom, chemicals in the bathtub, the magic of capturing something in life and printing it out on paper became alchemical intrigue. After being one of my mother’s favorite subjects for years, I grew up to high school where I started photographing my friends as black and whites on my film camera. I shot my girl friends (and also my boyfriends) for years until I decided to go professional, and follow my love. Now I’ve photographed dozens of entrepreneurs and families and not stopping anytime soon.  :)


Perhaps you know there is more to life than hiding, playing small, not being expressed, and not being recognized for the higher purpose you came to this world for.

Even if you don’t believe it yet, I know you are here now because deep down inside you can feel that it is time to EMBODY and CELEBRATE all parts of yourself; even the parts you may feel are invisible, feeling unexpressed, unworthy or unlovable.

I’m so happy you’re here and I invite you to come on a journey with me of uncovering and rediscovering a life that is already your birthright where you feel safe to be open-heartened, in-tune to your life, and activated by your own authentically unique expression.