to help you self-awaken, self-renew, heal, & empower your life

Hello Angel,

I’m brimming with excitement to share this course with you.

This 6-part journey will guide you step-by-step through the process of understanding the angels, clearing what’s been in the way, and creating a deep space in your life for your fuller self to step into and energize and renew your life. We’ll even enjoy a little creative project together in the final module.

You’ll learn effective ways of communicating with your Angels and establishing a relationship that supports you in answering all of the important questions in your life.

Connecting with the angelic realm has been part of my life since before I even knew I was doing it. It’s an incredible honor and privilege to share what I’ve learned and compiled to teach in this course… and it’s an offering of one of my great heartfelt contributions.

My life has radically changed in the space of knowing the angelic realm, calling upon them and embodying their presence in my day-to-day life.

Here’s to the magical, profound, and amazing discovery of communicating with the Angels everyday and anytime!

Join me today to begin the path of self-awakening, self-renewing, healing, and empowering your life.

With your Angels,

This journey is for you if…

  • You are ready to create a renewed and awakened relationship with the Divine.
  • You are ready to experience profound healing and transformation in all areas of your life.
  • You are ready to access angelic presence for your life.
  • You are ready to release things that no longer support your highest vision.


Angels for Life is open to everyone.

Just an openness to learn and grow is all you need to bring with you.

I will guide and support you through the steps in coming to know the Angels in your life.

You just need a computer as I will be emailing all your course content and instructions how to get on the welcome call (also recorded if you can’t make it).

“Truly life-changing.”

— M. Richter, Toronto, Ontario


Dispelling Myths & Discovering Truth

Who are our guides

Do you have special gifts to commune with the Archangels?

Do angels have wings?

Do my ancestors show up as angels?

Cherubs, Seraphim, and Guardians… oh my!

Meet the Angels

Learn about the 12 archangels that Lucinda works with.

Discover their names, principles and qualities,
colors, and learn about calling upon them for specific purposes

Discover exactly which Archangel can help you with each area of your life

Opening Your Channel

Strengthen your everyday life with spiritual practices

Open your desired channels of Angelic communication

Raising your consciousness, meditation, and how you are wired to receive guidance

Finding angelic stillness

Opening your aperture and being a channel for the Divine Light

Invocation and Prayer

Giving the Angels permission to help you in your life

Difference between prayer and invocation

Create your own energy pathway to communicate with the Angelic Realm

Self-renewing your everyday and moments with the power of prayer

Deepen Your Relationship + Developing Trust

Learn how to experience and create your own personal relationship with your Angels.

Lucinda will share how she began to work with them and the techniques she used to invoke them and build her own personal, intimate relationship.

Angelic Embodiment:
Creating with your Angels

Bridging your angelic vision into the manifest realm.

Creative expression of connecting with the vision of the Angels.

Enjoy this video sneak-peek of a taste of this journey…



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Bring the power of Metatron to your sacred space, or gift to a friend.

Shipped directly to you.

“Such a transmission.” – S. Uma


Guided Angelic Prayer Journey to deepen your
connection with your higher self and with the Divine

(MP3 audio recording)

“Lucinda is such a beautiful vessel… everything she is doing is through God and the angels.”

— R. Poett, Santa Barbara, California

A few of my angel expressions

Join me for the Journey!

You will receive:

6 Powerful Modules inviting you to explore your inner worlds and connect with the angels in a variety of ways including video, audio, PDF worksheets and more – $997 Value 

Live Q & A, prayers, and welcome training call – $397 Value 

Exclusive access to the private Facebook Group CommunityPRICELESS! 

Bonus 1: Guided Angelic Prayer Journey to deepen your connection with your higher self and with the Divine (MP3 audio recording)

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…and more!

About Your Teacher

Lucinda Rae is an award-winning visual artist and spiritual creative entrepreneur. As a prosperity brand mentor and visibility coach, she has created over 200 brand identities over 17 years for both corporate and spiritual entrepreneurs, and has captured thousands of stunning images in her photography.

She is the founder and artist of Lucinda Rae Art and Light Divine, devoted to bringing a Touch of Heaven to your home. She is a Soul Art® Guide for spiritual awakening, creative expression, healing, and expanded magic for increased life magnetism and meaning.

Lucinda believes every person’s journey is to be fully expressed as the Light that we are and share that in the realms of beauty, purity and passion in this precious life.